Fibers lenths

Staple Fiber: shorter lengths, a few inches long.  Most staple fibers are natural, cotton and wool. Filament Fiber:  Long fibers, primarily synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester.  The natural fiber Silk is a filament fiber.  Synthetic fibers can be cut to become staple. Advertisements

The Ancients

Ancient Egypt 30 century’s from 3100 BC – 30 BC New Kingdom Egyptian Textiles: Embroidery vs. Weaving, 1982 The New Kingdom Era / Egyptian Empire 1550-1050 BC Textiles found:  Earliest Textile Patterning: simple stripe, change of color or texture of yarn. examples: First Dynasty Pleated skirt from Tarkhan. Fifth Dynasty pharaoh Unas, striped selvedges.  Middle kingdom, inlaid threads… Continue reading The Ancients

Blog changes

Hello Students I check on your first blog assignments and noticed some things, which I would like you to correct. Many of you need to change your “Site Title” to your name, etc.  You can do this under the settings.  You can type out your name with spaces. Please delete all the wordpress blogs items… Continue reading Blog changes


Egypt:  Weaving implements and methods were very simple, and the linen was very fine.  In the machine age one is apt to forget what dexterity can achieve under “primitive” conditions.   Model of weavers shop.  2000 bc  Horizontal Loom, and warping pegs. Content from: Egyptian Weaving in 2000 B.C. Author(s): Charlotte R. Clark Source: The… Continue reading Looms