Guilds and Merchants

Medieval Merchant   these people take us back to the trade routes.  Some merchants would purchase from guilds and craftspeople. Artisan Craftsmen Apprentice  The restrictionism of the guilds has also been seen in the system of apprenticeship, ostensibly a seven-year contractual period in which the secrets of the craft were transmitted from master to apprentice, and which… Continue reading Guilds and Merchants

Aesthetic Movement and Willam Morris

THE TWO DECADES OF THE AESTHETIC MOVEMENT witnessed the emergence of shifting gender boundaries. Most historians of women’s history have catalogued these shifts for women as the widening of the domestic sphere to include moral and social reform projects, the women’s exercise movement, entrance into higher education, and a tentative excursion into the professions. Studies… Continue reading Aesthetic Movement and Willam Morris

Victorian Dress: bodily bounderies, reform, and the bloomer

The Art of Dress in the Victorian and Edwardian Eras As concepts of beauty change, so does costume. This process is called fashion. To be in fashion is to participate in and move along with the metamorphosis of culture; cultural changes eventually demand revision in ideas about beauty and ultimately in the clothing forms which… Continue reading Victorian Dress: bodily bounderies, reform, and the bloomer

Power Dressing: Courts of France and Italy

Rennisance Italy  Wars Catherine de Medici.  Born 1519 – Died 1589 Married to the Duke of Orleans becomes King 1547 In 1559 the Duke dies, and Catherine is thrust onto the political stage. Period Renaissance.  France and Italy Huguenots:  Protestants in France Textiles    Wedding of Catherine and Henri II 1533 Uffizi Gallery Catherine as a… Continue reading Power Dressing: Courts of France and Italy