Power Dressing: Courts of France and Italy

Rennisance Italy  Wars Catherine de Medici.  Born 1519 – Died 1589 Married to the Duke of Orleans becomes King 1547 In 1559 the Duke dies, and Catherine is thrust onto the political stage. Period Renaissance.  France and Italy Huguenots:  Protestants in France Textiles    Wedding of Catherine and Henri II 1533 Uffizi Gallery Catherine as a… Continue reading Power Dressing: Courts of France and Italy

Fashion Dolls

  Competition among Renaissance courts intensified, so did the pace at which clothing styles changed. Achieving sartorial supremacy was no longer simply a matter of flaunting wealth, but of following trends in order to set new ones: hence the attention paid to fashion in diplomatic reports. Portraiture provided detailed descriptions of fashions and how they… Continue reading Fashion Dolls