Silk Road: Textiles as Currency, and a trade of faith and representation.

The value of one woman was 40 bolts of silk.  (300-500 BC)

Silk Road Map     A side note on current exchanges on the silk road



15178286701_0de10c78a5_k.jpgSilk road Tash Rabat Carvanserai in Kyrgyzstan


Relgions on the silk road:  Buddist, Muslim, Catholics.

Chronology on the silk road  500 BC – 1900 AD

Zhang Qian was a pioneer of the silk road, who opened up the trade route during the reign of Han Emperor Wudi, in 139-119 BC.




Silk Road: Khotan Oasis of Silk and Jade


Silk Road:  The Glories of Ancient Chang’an  

Silk Road: Art Gallery in the Desert 

Silk Road: Across the Taklamkan Desert 




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