Research Topics for Unit 1

Students here are the research topics you have chosen for the first unit.  You will notice their are many of the same subjects repeated.  This seems like it could be very dull for our presentations.  Please have a look and maybe make some changes so we have more variety.

If you don’t have a topic by your name it is because I don’t have your blog address or I couldn’t find a post.  Please email me before class tomorrow.


Briana Alvarez: Japan: Geta Sandal

Tracy Aybar: Japan: Kimono: print

Chyna Barron: Egyptian: linen kalasiris

Tuandrea Beasley: Japan: Boro or China: embroidery

Karen Corella: Mexico:

Jelesse Fletcher: Egypt:

Xiomara Fonseca : Japan: Kimono

Araceili Garica: Mexico: Huichol Women

Nicolo Gobbi: Italy: Rome: women’s dress

Kimberly Gutierrez: Greek: dress

Maya Harper: Greek: dress

Milan Harper : Chinese: Mandarin Square

Brittney Hewitt: Thailand: Boddhisttva robe

Chai In: Japan: Kimono: Kimono with patterns

Kris Juarez: China: f claw dragon robe

Stella Maruma: Africa:

Ruby Mejia: Egypt: Beaded dress

Katelynn Michel: Egypt:

Stacy Morales: Egypt: kalasiris

Chelsea Pearsall: Egypt: Noble women’s dress

Ashley Samson: Japan: kimono:

Tyler Spencer: Egypt: noble women

Sidne Spencer


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